Mobility Aids


Disposable Adult Bibs

Product code : OX-BIB100-AD

Disposable adult bibs with adhesive tabs made of recycled fibers. Heat laminated 2 layered construction ensuring a strong premium quality disposable bib.

  • 37cm x 60cm Disposable bib + 10cm crumb catcher pocket.
  • Self adhesive shoulder tabs for a secure fit and elminates risks associated with neck-tie bibs.
  • Fluid resistant blue back layer and absorbent white front tissue layer.
  • Integrated reversible pocket to catch leaks and crumbs.
  • Strong construction - heat laminated layers.
  • 30% recycled material in packaging.
  • Recycled fibers used in bib production.
  • 100 per pack.

Commode Liner

Product code : OX-CML20

Disposable commode liner to capture body waste, eliminating the need to empty commodes or bed pans. Liners come with a high capacity Super Absorbent Polymer pad that converts body waste into a gel. The Liner itself is made with strong materials to reduce any leaks.

  • Premium highest capacity SAP pad, capturing over 700ml of body waste and 2500ml of liquids.
  • High grade SAP pads with over 285sq cms surface area and with over 80% Super absorbent polymer granules ensures high performance capture and conversion to gel.
  • Thick gauge, strong liner with a drawstring and SAP pad.
  • 55cm x 38cm liner, fitting all standard bed pans and mobility commodes.
  • Strong and high quality materials ensures no spills and leaks
  • Captures odours and mess within few seconds.
  • 20 per pack.